I like to play around with white space, especially when I can create a matting effect around text or images. I also love fonts. A lot. I will take any chance to experiment with a fun font that matches the feel of an article, or the
tone of the visuals.

Below are examples of some spreads I designed as Editor-in-Chief of Xpress Magazine at SFSU as well as graphic art I designed for the magazine and my podcast, The Happy Hour.

Graphic Design

A self portrait I did for Xpress Magazine as well as this website. I used photo references of myself to draw this 2D art in Adobe Illustrator.

This is the cover art for my podcast. The two drinks glasses were drawn from photo reference in Adobe Illustrator. The rest of the cover art was finished in InDesign.

This is the logo design for Xpress Magazine. We wanted something modern and 3D that felt solid. I designed this in InDesign.

This is the logo for the Golden Gate Xpress Newspaper. I drew the Golden Gate Bridge in Illustrator and finished the design in Photoshop. It’s similar to Xpress Mag because they’re sister publications.